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Welcome to the new Volmail website.

Click login below to access your UT Office 365 or Google accounts.
Go to the mobile device set up instructions.

If you would like to switch to Gmail, you will need to go through the Volmail Switch process. If you are happy with Office 365 as your current email service, no change is necessary.
Go to the Volmail Switch page.

Additional information about logging into Google Apps without switching your email service is available on the Google Apps page.
Go to the Google Apps page.

Log in to Google Apps for Education.

Current students: You can now choose between Microsoft Office 365 and Google Gmail for your Volmail email service.

Before you can start using Gmail, you will need to go through the Volmail Switch process. After you complete the Switch, it only takes about 30 minutes for all of your new mail to be delivered to your Gmail account. Switching does not move your mail, contacts, and calendars from your Office 365 account. If you want to move your content from your Office 365 account, please see the Getting started with Google Apps page below.

Getting started with Google Apps
Information about Office 365
Information about Google Apps for Education


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